What is an O&M Observation and why should you care?

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About Ilkka Rinne

Ilkka Rinne founded Spatineo together with Kristian Jaakkola in 2011 and holds the position Chief Technology Officer in the company. Ilkka has long experience in software architecture, usability assurance and graphical user interface design. He is also actively involved in international forums for standardization of geospatial information services, such as the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and technical working groups creating guidance for implementing the EU INSPIRE directive.

4 thoughts on “What is an O&M Observation and why should you care?

  1. The notion of an observation as used in O&M comes originally from Geography Markup Language which introduced an Observation as the ”act of observing”. O&M clarified these notions further and provided specific sub-types for Observation Results.

    • Thanks for the background info about the relationship of GML and O&M observations. I knew that GML also has a model for observations, but i think it’s not used that much. Maybe that’s because, as you said, O&M has a more detailed data model for this purpose.


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