Monthly Archives: August 2015

Who are we? – Part VII: Emmi Suhonen

1.) Name, title, how long have you worked at Spatineo? My name is Emmi Suhonen and I’m working as an office assistant at Spatineo. I’m currently studying the degree of Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration in the Mercuria Business College. My internship at Spatineo started in August 2015 and continues until the December 2015…. Read more »

Update to SMS alerts

We have switched our SMS operator today in order to improve service to our customers. This change introduces a change that our customers might notice: SMS messages sent from Spatineo Monitor will now be sent from “Spatineo”. Previously alert messages had our switchboard number as the origin of the SMS message. If you have any… Read more »

Monitoring incident on 23rd August

There was a rare technical problem in the Spatineo’s Availability Monitoring Network on 23rd August 2015 between 00:00 – 07:05 UTC. During this period we were unable to perform any new availability monitoring activity. The problem has now been analysed and solved by our technical team. The incident was not related to data security, and… Read more »

Spatineo’s EU patent application was published

Spatineo’s EU patent application for the intelligent monitoring technology of Spatineo Monitor was published on the 19th of August. Once the European patent application has been published, files relating to it are available for public inspection from the European Patent Register, which can be accessed via the EPO website ( Spatineo Monitor’s innovation is a… Read more »

Isogeo makes the access to spatial data easier

This month, Spatineo introduces Isogeo, a provider of complementary solutions for your spatiaI data infrastructure. Isogeo is an innovative company which was founded in 2009. Its aim is to help public and private organizations using GIS to optimize the use, sharing and benefit of their spatial data. They work with cities and municipalities, but also… Read more »

Spatineo Service Map visualises Spatial Web Service growth across Europe

Spatineo has launched a freely accessible visualisation of the availability of spatial web services organized by country and administrative area. This tool provides never before seen insight into the development of the European Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and INSPIRE, particularly how the scope and availability of these services have developed over time. Spatineo offers SaaS… Read more »