Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Scottish Government Tests the Capacity of Their Spatial Web Services with Spatineo Performance

The Scottish Government started to use Spatineo Performance to ensure the capacity of their spatial web services. The tool generates realistic loads to the service which helps the organisation can discover the maximum capacity of their services, as well as to identify the bottlenecks that prevent the services from reaching higher capacity levels. The Scottish… Read more »

Webinar: Monitoring and usage analytics of high load web map services – Case National Land Survey of Finland

Tue October 13th at 10:00 – 10:45 AM CEST In 2014, over 2 billion service requests were processed by web map services (both WMS and WMTS) provided by the National Land Survey of Finland. This wide use of data by both public and private organizations makes the reliability and accessibility of these services essential. To… Read more »

Spatineo raises 250k€ investment to fuel growth and renewed its’ organisation

Spatineo offered a 250 000€ directed share program to Oy Fincorp Ab. The share issue was made to strengthen international sales and marketing and further fuel the growth of the company. “I know Kristian Jaakkola from past investments and he has shown ability to identify paradigm shifts in the society. I believe that the use… Read more »