Monthly Archives: October 2016

The future is already here

By Sampo Savolainen and Anita Lankinen, originally published on Geo International Nov/Dec 2016 Issue Sampo Savolainen and Anita Lankinen look at some of the latest technological advances and analyse how they use spatial data infrastructures, what else can and should be done, and explore what role they will play in our future Transport agencies, cities… Read more »

Webinar: What’s New in The INSPIRE Metadata Technical Guidance

A new, completely revised and re-structured version 2.0 of the INSPIRE Technical Guidance for data set and service metadata has been created during the Spring 2016. The main driver for revision was to make the requirements for INSPIRE metadata more clear, unambiguous and testable. In this webinar, Ilkka Rinne, the editor of the new guidance document,… Read more »

Statistics Finland expects to get the most out of their GIS with Spatineo Monitor

Statistics Finland has acquired Spatineo Monitor to enhance operating their spatial web services and get better visibility on the impact of the services. Statistics Finland is a governmental institute which produces the majority of Finnish official statistics, such as governmental and municipal key figures. They’re also a significant international actor in the field of statistics…. Read more »