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Paving the road for the digital twins of the Finnish built environment

Demand for digital, reusable and harmonised information about the built environment is growing fast. Realising efficient, well-managed, transparent and secure processes and e-services for land use decisions, building permissions and building management as well as various Digital Twin concepts require interoperable and versatile underlying data models. National level data harmonisation and efficient data management solutions… Read more »

WFS3 is a novel OGC API for feature access

When browsing through the OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) version 2.0 standard the first time back in 2011 I remember wondering how close the API it defined was to a generic database access: all the basic CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations, data query with filtering, and no fixed definition for the data model of… Read more »

Simple Features make INSPIRE data more accessible

Simple Features make INSPIRE data more accessible

Those of you involved with using and publishing spatial data probably have an idea of how complex Geography Markup Language (GML) documents can be sometimes. In principle XML and thus GML encodings are supposed to be readable to people as well as by computers. However, ingesting documents containing complex GML data can simply be too… Read more »

OGC to work on Quality of Spatial Data APIs

Post by Ilkka Rinne, originally published in the OGC Blog on 7th Feb 2017 with a title “OGC invests in improving Quality of Service and Quality of Experience” We live in a world stealthily powered by Web Services and APIs: nearly everything we do on our laptops and mobile devices uses background services to talk… Read more »

Spatineo leading OGC activities for Quality of Service

We all know that sometimes computer-related things just don’t work: cryptic error messages, programs stuck for an indefinite time, or crashing altogether. Sometimes the culprit can be outside your laptop or mobile phone: the resources it’s trying to fetch are just not there or cannot be accessed as fast as usual. Whatever the reason behind… Read more »

INSPIRE validation on the right track

Wow, the time really flies: it’s been over 1.5 years since my last post about the INSPIRE validation and conformance testing in December 2014! Since then the INSPIRE MIG subgroup MIWP-5 has worked hard to get the Abstract Test Suites for INSPIRE Network Services defined and the requirements listed for the commonly agreed INSPIRE validator… Read more »

Spatineo is celebrating its 5th birthday with its customers

Spatineo is five years old, and we wanted to celebrate this as well our new more spacey office in Pasila with our customers today on 18th February 2016. Our combined birthday and house warming party starts with the first Spatineo user meeting, and continues with cocktails and tour of different Spatineo-themed info spots around the… Read more »

Monitoring incident on 23rd August

There was a rare technical problem in the Spatineo’s Availability Monitoring Network on 23rd August 2015 between 00:00 – 07:05 UTC. During this period we were unable to perform any new availability monitoring activity. The problem has now been analysed and solved by our technical team. The incident was not related to data security, and… Read more »

Opening the INSPIRE conformance testing

Our CTO Ilkka Rinne was selected as the facilitator of the workshop on INSPIRE validation and conformity held in Ispra, Italy in early December 2014. In this post he describes some of the issues they were (and still are) working with, how he sees the future of the INSPIRE conformance testing based on Open Source… Read more »