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Webinar: Monitoring and usage analytics of high load web map services – Case National Land Survey of Finland

Tue October 13th at 10:00 – 10:45 AM CEST In 2014, over 2 billion service requests were processed by web map services (both WMS and WMTS) provided by the National Land Survey of Finland. This wide use of data by both public and private organizations makes the reliability and accessibility of these services essential. To… Read more »

Spatineo raises 250k€ investment to fuel growth and renewed its’ organisation

Spatineo offered a 250 000€ directed share program to Oy Fincorp Ab. The share issue was made to strengthen international sales and marketing and further fuel the growth of the company. “I know Kristian Jaakkola from past investments and he has shown ability to identify paradigm shifts in the society. I believe that the use… Read more »

Who are we? – Part VII: Emmi Suhonen

1.) Name, title, how long have you worked at Spatineo? My name is Emmi Suhonen and I’m working as an office assistant at Spatineo. I’m currently studying the degree of Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration in the Mercuria Business College. My internship at Spatineo started in August 2015 and continues until the December 2015…. Read more »

Spatineo’s EU patent application was published

Spatineo’s EU patent application for the intelligent monitoring technology of Spatineo Monitor was published on the 19th of August. Once the European patent application has been published, files relating to it are available for public inspection from the European Patent Register, which can be accessed via the EPO website ( Spatineo Monitor’s innovation is a… Read more »

Isogeo makes the access to spatial data easier

This month, Spatineo introduces Isogeo, a provider of complementary solutions for your spatiaI data infrastructure. Isogeo is an innovative company which was founded in 2009. Its aim is to help public and private organizations using GIS to optimize the use, sharing and benefit of their spatial data. They work with cities and municipalities, but also… Read more »

The City of Oulu in Finland took Spatineo Monitor into use

The City of Oulu in Finland has started to open several data sets for public use free of charge. The aim of publishing open data is to enhance the amount of open public data and its utilisation among citizens, companies, communities, education and research. When it comes to spatial data sets, the guide map of… Read more »

Webinar: Get more performance out of your services – Case Finnish Meteorological Institute

View the recording of the webinar at Performance testing is a cost-efficient way to get more out of your current investments in your Spatial Web Services. None of Spatineo Performance users needed new software or hardware investments. Instead, they could boost the performance of the existing system by modifying the configuration of their services…. Read more »

French IGN started to use Spatineo Monitor and Spatineo Performance

IGN, The National Institute of Geographic and Forestry Information in France, has a mission of support to implement the INSPIRE directive on the French territory. What it means in practice is that they help French regions to meet the INSPIRE requirements for metadata and web services for spatial data. This mission is set by the… Read more »

The City of Lahti in Finland started to use Spatineo Monitor

The City of Lahti in Finland has been active in developing their spatial web services. The Land Use Unit of Technical and Environmental Services produces, maintains and provides different spatial data sets and map services for both the internal administrative functions of the city and for private customers. Lahti wants to get information about the… Read more »

The City of Kouvola Assessed Its Maturity in the Utilisation of Spatial Data with Spatineo Roadmap

The City of Kouvola, a mid-sized city in southern Finland, assessed its maturity in the utilisation of spatial data with Spatineo Roadmap product as a part of the ‘Management Desktop’ project in the city administration. The need for the assessment arose from the goal to increase the utilisation of spatial data in the processes and… Read more »