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Spatineo Performance is here!

Spatineo has released the world’s first performance testing of geospatial web services as SaaS. The amount and usage of geospatial web services have been increasing since web map services have become an essential part of e-services and mobile applications over the past few years. This trend is making quality assurance and reliability of geospatial web… Read more »

Upcoming events

Geospatial World Forum, Geneva, 5-9 May 2014 Spatineo will participate in the Geospatial World Forum conference organised in Geneva in May. It is one of the biggest international events for spatial data. The conference brings together the most significant actors in the field, and presents the latest innovations in the spatial data market and technologies…. Read more »

Who are we? –Part I: Ilkka Rinne

1.) Name, title, how long have you worked at Spatineo?  Ilkka Rinne, co-founder and CTO (Chief Technology Officer). This is a title that does not fully describe everything I do, but it gives an idea. Spatineo was originally launched based on my ideas at the end of 2010, and it has been a pleasure to… Read more »

Belgian AGIV is Spatineo’s first Central European client

Spatineo got its first Central European client when Belgian AGIV started using the Spatineo Monitor to ensure the quality of its spatial web services. Agiv is a regional administrative office that is responsible for distributing spatial data and advancing the implementation of Inspire Directives in the Flemish area. A certain service level requirement has been… Read more »

Spatineo on the rise

The financial statement from last year looks positive: revenue was EUR 467,919, indicating 120% growth in comparison with the previous year, and 10% more than budgeted. Spatineo achieved EUR 43,018 profit while the profit margin was 9.2%. The total in the balance sheet was EUR 150,942, indicating 20% growth in comparison with the previous year…. Read more »

Spatineo is patenting its intelligent monitoring technology

Spatineo is applying for a patent to protect the innovation that the Spatineo Monitor’s monitoring technology is based on. The patent application is a UK patent that is usually processed and granted within one year. After this, the patent will be extended to a European and US patent. Spatineo Monitor’s innovation is a unique, self-learning… Read more »