Inspire event in Helsinki this autumn – Data Challenge coming up!

Inspire Helsinki 2019

Inspiring news*! The Inspire Helsinki 2019 will be happening this autumn and Spatineo is part the organizing party. The event revolves around “Sea of European spatial data” and how to improve both decision making and our daily lives by using data.

*That joke never gets old, does it?

European Spatial Data

At Inspire Helsinki 2019 there will be workshops, presentations and results from teams that participated in the challenges. The topic could be summarized around couple of key things:

  • We look beyond the status quo to see what can be achieved with European spatial data now and in the future.
  • We want to get the full potential of the latest technologies.
  • We bring together 150 experts to foster discussions, and some of them will also give solutions to the challenges presented
  • We host practical hands-on workshops and outstanding keynote presentations in a modern venue.

With this kind of content, we are sure there is something to learn for all attendees! The program is not finalized yet, and we will start accepting abstract for presentations and workshops soon. There will be parallel sessions and sessions presenting the results produced by teams participating to the challenges.


With the recent evolution of spatial data delivery technologies like WFS 3.0, vector tiles and simpler data formats for INSPIRE, the geospatial field is reaching out to a wider audience of developers to enrich applications and processes with spatial data. The challenges will not be strictly limited to INSPIRE data, they can take full advantage of all data relevant to the challenges.

During the challenges, teams of developers and experts will take part in solving challenges presented by our challenge partners. The challenges will involve using spatial data to solve problems, to understand our environment better, and to create new solutions or even new business. We are currently building a network of challenge partners who will present the challenges. You can get in touch with the Challenge team from this site, in case you have ideas or data you feel would be a good fit for the challenge! The deadline for contacting the organizing party is 3rd of May, so make sure you submit your info soon!

Spatineo is helping with organising the challenges and is excited to develop challenges with our partners and of course to see how teams approach and solve the challenges.

For more information about the challenge follow the hashtag #InspireHelsinki2019 and please visit for more information of the event details.

Spatineo Customer Day in Helsinki with Inspire!

Many of our customers are keen users, producers and publishers of INSPIRE data, and a lot of you will be attending the Inspire Helsinki event. With that said, we are taking the opportunity to host a customer day earlier at the same week! The Inspire event will be starting on Tuesday, and Monday is the day we invite our customers to join us at Helsinki. Lunch & Learn – type of session will be held during the afternoon on Monday, so save the date: 21st of October for the Spatineo Customer Day!

We’ll be sending more information via email regarding the event, as soon as we get registration set up. So stay tuned and reserve your spot to the event.

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Who are we? – Part XVII: Mikko Solismaa

Mikko Solismaa Senior GIS Consultant

1.) Name, title, what you will be doing at Spatineo?

My name is Mikko Solismaa and I work as a senior GIS consultant in Spatineo.

2.) What do you do at Spatineo in practice? Tell us about your typical work day!

Typical day is difficult to define, because I’ve been with the company less than a month.
Currently I’m working on a client project where my task is to create an orchestration for the AWS environment and create an automatic deployment definition for the API service.
Recently I’ve also started to work with Spatineo Impact concept.

3.) What is the best thing about your work?

The best part of my work is that each project brings out unique challenges and these challenges challenge me to continuously learn something new!

4.) How do you use location data in your daily life?

I’m using the HSL mobile app and the Journey Planner website daily. While traveling abroad, I use offline maps in the Google Maps mobile app.

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What is the economic value of spatially enabled services?

What is the potential economic value

“Only about 22% of the annual potential economic benefits from the use of spatial data has been realised in Finland. The annual economic benefits are about EUR 13 billion but only about EUR 3 billion of the potential has so far been realised. The estimated value of the economic benefits of the national Geospatial Platform that is developed at the moment is about  EUR 550 million per annum starting in 2025 when the services of the platform are operating in full extent.”

That is the key result of Spatineo’s study “The economic value of spatially enabled services in Finland – Including the impact of the Geospatial platform”. The study is a meta-analysis of international and Finnish studies that have been done in the recent years. We read and analysed tens of studies in which the impact of geospatial services had been assessed, interviewed Finnish experts, and applied the results to the Finnish society.

Focus on four ecosystems

In the study we focused on four ecosystems: bioeconomy, built environment, social and health care, and traffic. There were few main reasons for that. Firstly, bioeconomy and traffic ecosystems have good examples of beneficial use of spatial data, since the first digital data bases were available, but all the time bigger potential arise because of new technologies.  Secondly, the economic goals of the new health and social services reform are ambitious and the use of spatial data and technologies play an important role in planning and executing the services and meeting the goals. Thirdly, the maturity of the use of spatial data and technologies in built environment is still very low and huge potential exists. Fourthly, the Geospatial Platform will provide spatial data and services that are essential for these four ecosystems. The estimated economic benefits of the use of spatial data in each of these four ecosystems can be read from our report.

National Geospatial Platform

Part of our research was to assess the impact of the new Finnish Geospatial Platform that is currently developed, and the test and training environment is already available for use. We estimated that the share of the economic benefits provided by the Geospatial Platform is at least EUR 550 million.

Directly quoting their own webpage on what the geospatial platform is:

“The Geospatial Platform (Paikkatietoalusta [PTA] in Finnish) consists of a number of packaged digital services. The platform collects spatial data from various providers and makes them available to users. The aim of the platform is to harmonise and extensively improve e-services provided by the public administration, to improve data-based decision-making and increase transparency, as well as to save public administration costs, e.g. by enabling the efficient maintenance of data resources, removing overlapping activities and harmonising datasets. Finland is one of the top countries in Europe where such a project has been launched.”

Impact Analyses prove current and future possibilities

Impact assessment projects are needed to prove the possibilities and value of the use of spatial data and technologies to politicians and people that make decisions on development and innovations in municipalities, state organisations and private companies. We wanted to give a comprehensive understanding of the importance and value of the use of spatial data especially in the four ecosystems that created about 60% of the GDP of Finland in 2017.