The City of Hanko is increasing the impact of their spatial web services

Hanko is a small city in the south coast of Finland and provides various spatial datasets for their citizens and internal use through a WMS service. The service will be used by multiple applications in the city and therefore, it’s important that it’s available 24/7. Otherwise the applications utilising location data cannot provide the desired value for their users. This was one of the key reasons the City of Hanko acquired Spatineo Monitor in November 2016. In addition to service-level monitoring, the city is also looking forward to utilising the usage analytics of Spatineo Monitor to identify who is using their services, when and how often, and which spatial data is used. This information can be used to prove the value of the services, as well as to prioritise and schedule the maintenance and development work. The city of Hanko is also responsible for reporting the availability and use of their spatial web services to the EU Commission according to the INSPIRE directive. All this can be done automatically with Spatineo Monitor.

City of Hanko Web Map Service