The City of Kokkola acquires Spatineo Monitor to ensure high quality of service

The City of Kokkola in Western Finland provides spatial data, such as a guide map and city plan, for both administrative and citizen use. Furthermore, spatial data forms a basis for many eServices of the city. The spatial web services, that are used to deliver spatial data, must be up and running smoothly in order to realise the value of the data, as well as make the citizen and administrative operations efficient. To ensure this, the City of Kokkola made a decision to start using Spatineo Monitor software in the beginning of 2017. In addition to the quality of service monitoring, Spatineo Monitor provides the city with an extensive toolbox for analysing the use of their services. A good understanding of how and by whom the spatial data is used helps them focus their resources, marketing efforts and investments on the services and datasets that provide most value to the residents and private companies.