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We are software & cloud engineers, GIS experts, researchers and facilitators and we are here to help you reach your business goals. Spatineo consulting teams offer you a unique combination of user-oriented problem solving, crisp business perspective and deep technical knowledge.

Data driven decision making (Expert Studies)

Knowing where you are is the key for getting where you want to be. We will gather and distill knowledge in your operating environment, key processes and data flows. This will bring you new perspectives and unlock hidden knowledge from within your team and organisation. Our experts will manage the projects and provide clear reports that will enable you to make better decisions.

Building great software (Spatial IT)

By combining our experience in building standards-based geospatial information systems and complex IT systems with innovative and reliable technologies, we are able to solve your toughest problems. Designing, implementing and managing high-quality information systems is our core expertise. Combining modern technologies with the cloud allows us to create innovative solutions for you cost-effectively.

Ensuring interoperability

We are at the forefront of standards development and are leading experts in geospatial technology standards and data modelling. We design solutions that take standards and interoperability seriously. This helps our customers avoid vendor lock-in and take advantage of the technology best suited for each challenge. We enable customers to take part in the development of international standards and ecosystems by communicating developments in standards working groups and conveying our customer’s point of view back to the group. This is a cost effective method of keeping track of developments and ensuring that upcoming standards will work for our customers.

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