Dutch Rijkswaterstaat uses Spatineo Monitor for efficient maintenance of their SDI

Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities, such as the main road and waterway networks and water systems, in the Netherlands. Most of the spatial data related to those facilities is available for open use on the Data Portal of the Dutch Government. The portal is widely used and therefore, it’s imperative that the spatial web services delivering the data are running fast, reliably and according to agreed standards 24/7. To ensure this, Rijkswaterstaat decided to acquire Spatineo Monitor in November 2016. With the tool, they can make sure that their internal processes utilizing spatial data run efficiently and the external users and applications using their data receive the desired value. All this monitoring is automated in Spatineo Monitor and the organisation gets notifications in the cases something goes wrong in their services and requires attention. High availability becomes especially important during exceptional environmental events when the data is needed fast and by many users. Furthermore, Spatineo Monitor helps Rijkswaterstaat to follow up and report on the usage of their spatial web services and thus focus their resources on the most used services and datasets.