Webinar: Monitoring and Analysis of Usage of INSPIRE Web Services

The webinar will provide information on how to maintain and improve the quality of your own INSPIRE web services (WMS, WFS, etc.) and on how to gain a complete understanding of web services users and their usage of services.

What:  Monitoring and Analysis of Usage of INSPIRE Web Services- webinar

When: Thursday 20th of June  10:00 – 10:45 (Rome)

Hosts: Spatineo & Epsilon Italia

The webinar will be held partly in English and partly in Italian.

Monitoring and Analysis of Usage of INSPIRE Web Services - webinar with Epsilon Italia and Spatineo

We will present software solutions to quickly detect unexpected interruptions or slow-speed responses in your web services. Fast response times that meet or exceed users expectations, are essential to improve data usage and at the same time the monitoring of it allows you to provide geographical data in accordance with the requirements of the INSPIRE Directive.

By participating you will know:

– How to assure the quality of spatial web services and better serve your customers/users

– What information you can retrieve about the usage of your web services

– What options exist to run realistic tests to determine the capacity of web services

– How to maintain your web services compliant with the INSPIRE Directive

The webinar has limited amount of seats, so reserve your own right away and make sure you don’t miss this event!

The webinar will be presented by Epsilon Italia and Spatineo together.