Contact Form Privacy Policy

Information how your information from Contact Forms will be handled.

Privacy Policy regarding contact forms

Spatineo collects personal information with contact forms. Contact forms are part of gathering data about our stakeholders. With information provided we contact those who have participated to our draws at conferences, in order to reach winners of those draws. Also those who have asked for more information about products/solutions will be given information package via email within few days of the request.

  • Reason for keeping such registry:

To further communications with potential customers, to track past communications and to combine data about leads.

  • Usage of the registry:

Spatineo collects information about our audiences on regular basis. We collect data from our contact forms. Our primary focus is to create clear and straightforward communications to our stakeholders.

  • Data included in the registry:

Name, email, phone number, organisation, title

  • Data location:

All gathered data is stored in our CRM, Insightly. You can read their Privacy Policy from here.

  • Sources of information:

Personal information is collected for various marketing competitions when registering, signing up for newsletters or otherwise directly from the registered user. Information can be also gained via partner organisations datasources.

  • Disclosure information:

Spatineo does not hand out data collected to third party parties without consent. We only share personal information occasionally with our partner organisations, and we expect these organisations to act according to GDPR legislation with the same eagerness as we do.

Spatineo will share information in EU/ETA and US Privacy Shield areas. Shared information varies depending on services concerned. Spatineo will not share irrelevant or sensitive information if not needed.

  • Data deletion:

Spatineo will delete all personal information, concerning the individual making the request, at earliest convenience. You can request this by answering our communications asking for deletion of your personal information, calling our info (+358 20 703 2210), or click unsubscribe link attached to our email marketing sent via Mailchimp.

  • Information Request

The registered is entitled to and has the rights to receive details on how personal information is handled in the company, prohibit the usage of information, correct the wrong information, restrict used information, resist the handling of information, transfer personal information to another register and resist any automated decisions.