Healthy spatial data APIs

Maintaining healthy spatial data APIs is crucial

Spatial data is essential in many of the applications and eServices citizens use daily. Especially mobile applications need to take advantage of many kinds of spatial information. It is important that these applications have fast and reliable access to these services and data as otherwise they are unable to serve their users.

Spatineo provides Quality Assurance solutions at the operational level, offering user-friendly tools for usage analytics, performance monitoring and capacity testing of spatial web services. Our tools provide important metrics for service development and reporting and can also be used as data for impact analysis.

A web-based service-level monitoring and usage analytics tool specifically developed for Spatial Web Services by an independent third party.

Spatineo Monitor

Spatineo Impact assessment method is a strategic level tool to analyse the impact of the spatial data an organisation makes available to its customers and the society as a whole.

Spatineo Impact

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