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Only about 22% of the annual potential economic benefits from the use of spatial data has been realized in Finland. The annual economic benefits are about EUR 13 billion but only about EUR 3 billion of the potential has so far been realized. Read more and download our study now for free!

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Impact Assessment

What is Spatineo Impact?

Spatineo Impact assessment method is a strategic level tool to analyse the impact of the spatial data an organisation makes available to its customers and the society as a whole. The method  makes it possible to set concrete meters for succeeding in the agreed strategic goals and following  reaching of those goals visually.

What is the result of Spatineo Impact assessment?

The assessment makes the impact of spatial data visible: organisation gets facts, systematically measured and analysed information on which spatial datasets are most significant from users’ point of view, and which less  significant. It also reveals how well the strategic goals related to use of particular high-value datasets have been met.

The method encourages organisation to a constant, determined improvement from the first workshop onwards. As a result of the assessment the organisation is able to recognize it’s successes and improvement areas. The results  provide tangible input for the evaluation of realization of the strategic goals. Additionally they help setting better, measurable strategic goals in the future and to improve organisation’s internal operations and processes.

Who benefits from Spatineo Impact assessment?

Organisations that produce and publish spatial data: the results of the assessment give justification for decision making, where to invest in developing  spatial data offerings, content, updating, APIs, communication etc.

Public sector, private companies and citizens that use spatial data: assessment reveals impact of spatial data on production of services and new business innovations. The beneficiaries include both organisations that develop spatial services and apps for citizens and citizens using these apps.

At its best the impact assessment yields success stories from innovative and new ways of using organisation’s spatial data.

What you get?

Impact assessment of spatial data

A common operational picture of the impact of organisation’s spatial data: what is the situation now (trend indicators).

Make successes visible

Results of impact assessment visualize and prove both to the management and experts the meaning and impact of their personal work.

Dashboard, a visualized situation picture

The situation picture of the dashboard is based on relevant and systematically collected and analyzed data.

Assessment of the success of strategic goals

Strategic picture: what is the relation of current situation to goals, are we on the right track (success indicators)?

Rationale for strategy work

Results of the assessment relieves setting of measurable goals for strategy and profit.

Basis for development of operations

Creates novel connections and cooperation in the organisation to enhance the impact.

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