Spatineo Roadmap

Spatial Data Maturity Assessment

What is Spatineo Roadmap?

Spatineo Roadmap is a service product  for assessing organisations’ capabilities in utilisation of spatial data to reach  their business objectives. The service is developed by Spatineo and it is based on research and method development at Aalto University.

You can read more about the method and its background from our whitepaper and Jaana’s Ph.D dissertation.

What is the result of Spatineo Roadmap assessment?

Spatineo Roadmap assessment  produces a comprehensive understanding of the competence and possibilities of employees to use spatial data in their daily tasks. As a result a customer gets a detailed analysis of the organisation’s capabilities in four key areas: 1) availability of spatial data for potential users, 2) availability of tools to use spatial data, 3) the role of spatial data in the organization of operations and 4) organization’s systemic capability 

Based on the results of the assessment organisation knows its strengths and weaknesses in the utilization of spatial data and how to get maximum benefit of the investments in spatial data and technologies.

Who benefits from the results of Spatineo Roadmap assessment?

All levels of an organisation benefit from the results: top management recognizes both the impact of investments that have been made and the starting points for further development; the operational management can gather representatives from different operations to innovate new solutions based on spatial data and technologies, and the operational level get awareness of needs related to competence. What is needed for the organisation as a whole is  permission and resources to learn and a willingness to share tacit knowledge.

What you get?

Level of capability to use spatial data

Situation picture of the capability of different units and the whole organisation to use spatial data in their own operations.

Objective analysis of factors that most influence on the use

The most important factors that influence on the enhanced use of spatial data are based on views of over 80 Finnish organisations.

Opinions of all employees matter

All employees can answer the questionnaire of capability assessment

Make successes visible

Results of capability assessment visualize the areas of use of spatial data that are at a good level. Successes are not always readily visible and thus not appreciated enough inside the organisation.

Basis for development of operations

The assessment and its results enhance cooperation inside the organisation and facilitate targeting of resources to the most important activities and to the ones needing most improvement.

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