Spatineo for IT Service Providers

See how we can help IT service providers to make the most of spatial web services

Since the revenue of IT service providers depends on reliable service hosting, quality of service is the backbone of their business. Their customers expect high-quality spatial web services so they can use spatial data in decision making, improving productivity and creating innovative products and services. By monitoring their customers’ spatial web services, IT service providers can prove that they are meeting the promised service level as well as find the sources of errors. Opening new spatial web services or gaining media visibility for existing services might result in unexpectedly high peaks in user amounts. In these cases, heavy load can result in serious technical problems and dissapointed end users if the IT service provider hasn’t tested the performance of the services beforehand.

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We have helped organizations with the following activities

  • Identify Usage Trends and Quantify ROI
    • Understand how and by whom the services are used locally and globally
    • Optimize resources by specifying the most used services and datasets
    • Prove the value and calculate the ROI of investments in SDI with automated and concise Executive Reports
  • Maintain Quality of Service
    • Monitor real-time service availability
    • React immediately to service disruptions
    • Prepare your service for heavy usage spikes
  • Comply with International Standards Effortlessly
    • Ensure compliance with international standards and smooth use of data for all user groups
    • Create automated reports for INSPIRE with ease