Spatineo for the Natural Resources Sector

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The existence of versatile natural resources is vital to welfare of a society. At all levels from local to global, the balance between exploration and conservation of natural resources is essential in order to ensure sustainable growth. Governmental agencies and research institutes collect, manage and share information on natural resources that is widely used by various industries, public organisations and citizens. Therefore, the information on location, amount and status of different natural resources as well as availability of this information to all stakeholders is of great importance. It is essential to ensure that relevant spatial data is up-to-date and accessible at all times.

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We have helped organizations with the following activities

  • Identify Usage Trends and Quantify ROI
    • Understand how and by whom the services are used locally and globally
    • Optimize resources by specifying the most used services and datasets
    • Prove the value and calculate the ROI of investments in SDI with automated and concise Executive Reports
  • Maintain Quality of Service
    • Monitor real-time service availability
    • React immediately to service disruptions
    • Prepare your service for heavy usage spikes
  • Comply with International Standards Effortlessly
    • Ensure compliance with international standards and smooth use of data for all user groups
    • Create automated reports for INSPIRE with ease

Case study—The Finnish Forest Centre

The Finnish Forest Centre uses Spatineo Monitor to ensure that their spatial web services are running 24/7 and the various applications relying on those services can be used.

"Spatineo Monitor has been the most helpful solution in monitoring our web map services."

—Marko Keisala, GIS Expert, the Finnish Forest Centre

The Finnish Forest Centre


The Finnish Forest Centre collects data on forests by mapping 1,5 M hectare of forest every year. Metsää eService offers up-to-date information on the forest property for the use of forest owners and forestry operators. One example of this is regional data about forest resources that is used for various purposes, including wood trading and planning of new factories that use wood as raw material. The maps and orthophotos of the Metsää service can also be accessed via spatial web services and integrated into other applications. More forest data will be published as open data in the near future thus enabling the creation of new services and businesses that rely on forest data. Since the data provided by the Forest Centre is increasingly utilised in various important applications and services, the spatial web services used for distributing the data must be up and running 24/7.


Since high service quality is needed to realise the value of spatial web services, the Forest Centre needed a way to report on the performance of their services. First they considered developing their own reporting solution but dropped the idea soon after realising the amount of work it would have required. As Esri users, they were aware of the basic monitoring product Esri offers, but felt that Spatineo’s product with ready-made reports was a more complete solution for their demanding needs.


With Spatineo Monitor, the Forest Centre can monitor and report on the availability and response time of their services and thus ensure that their services are working without interruptions. Service alerts help them react fast to possible deviations in the service. Furthermore, usage analytics features in Spatineo Monitor demonstrate the development of the usage of their services. “Spatineo Monitor has been the most helpful solution in monitoring our web map services. Highly recommended!”, comments Marko Keisala, a GIS Expert at the Forest Centre, on their experiences of using Spatineo Monitor.