Italian EURAC started to use Spatineo Monitor

The Italian Research Centre EURAC has subscribed to Spatineo Monitor. EURAC is an innovative centre for Research and Further Education comprised of four areas of research: Autonomies, Mountains, Health and Technologies. “The spatial data infrastructure of EURAC has to provide an increasing number of spatial data services to existing and new projects and for the dissemination of scientific results with other public institutions or with project partners.”, explains Markus Innerebner from Institute for Applied Remote Sensing at EURAC. “That’s why it is very important for EURAC to offer a reliable infrastructure.”, he continues.

Spatineo Monitor was therefore a natural step for EURAC. With the accurate analysis and reporting tools of Spatineo Monitor, EURAC gets a full visibility on the availability, usage and quality of their spatial web services. EURAC can recognise the improvement areas of its services and make the effects of the improvements visible as well as reach considerable cost and time savings by providing INSPIRE monitoring and reporting automatically.

“We expect Spatineo Monitor to facilitate the monitoring of our infrastructure and by identifying bottlenecks in our system, the tool can contribute to improving the scalability of the entire system.”, clarifies Innerebner their expectations toward Spatineo Monitor. Spatineo’s managing director Kristian Jaakkola continues: “We at Spatineo are very enthusiastic about having EURAC as our first Italian customer and that the use of Spatineo products is little by little spreading all around Europe.” He also tells that Spatineo has negotiations with other Italian organisations under way in order to extent the Italian clientele during this year.