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Who are we? – Part XII: Luukas Raatikainen


1.) Name, title, how long have you worked at Spatineo? I’m Luukas Raatikainen, a BBA student from Haaga-Helia, specializing in Advertising & Corporate communications. I’m…

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What we learned at World Bank Land and Poverty conference?

How to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls? How to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable? How to…

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Spatineo at World Bank Land and Poverty Conference

WBLP LandConf2018 Spatineo

Spatineo will be taking part in World Bank Land and Poverty Conference in Washington starting today (20 March)! We are attending with Team Finland and…

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KPIs reveal the impact of spatial web services

Why ensuring the quality is so important? Every time you open the journey planner to check the bus route home or the weather app to…

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Canton of Zürich acquired Spatineo Monitor to ensure high quality of geospatial services

The Building Department of Canton of Zürich (Kanton Zürich) is responsible for planning spaces in that area for living, working and recreation. The Canton of…

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OGC to work on Quality of Spatial Data APIs

Post by Ilkka Rinne, originally published in the OGC Blog on 7th Feb 2017 with a title “OGC invests in improving Quality of Service and…

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Spatineo leading OGC activities for Quality of Service

We all know that sometimes computer-related things just don’t work: cryptic error messages, programs stuck for an indefinite time, or crashing altogether. Sometimes the culprit…

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The future is already here

By Sampo Savolainen and Anita Lankinen, originally published on Geo International Nov/Dec 2016 Issue Sampo Savolainen and Anita Lankinen look at some of the latest…

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Spatial Data is Never on Holidays

Simple Features make INSPIRE data more accessible

By Kari-Pekka Karlsson, The Secretary of the KMTK Project, National Land Survey of Finland. Originally published in Finnish on (Read the original version here)…

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The mystery of Pokemon Go maps is solved and it’s not just about the street maps

[Updated June, 2020] There has been a lot of hype surrounding Pokémon Go lately and also speculation around the source of the map data they…

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INSPIRE validation on the right track

Inspire Helsinki 2019 Epicenter

Wow, the time really flies: it’s been over 1.5 years since my last post about the INSPIRE validation and conformance testing in December 2014! Since…

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Helsinki Region Transport hackathon’s winning project targets special needs group

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) has recently organized a hackathon for further improving their Journey Planner. The hackathon featured 9 teams with very different approaches to…

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