Spatineo is looking for a Sales Manager based at the Berlin office

Spatineo is looking for a Sales Manager for its European sales office in Berlin. The goal of this recruitment is to serve the European customers better and to create new customer relationships in DACH region and Europe and thus boost Spatineo’s international growth. Sales Manager (inside sales) Join a fast growing software start-up company as… Read more »

Spatineo on the rise

The financial statement from last year looks positive: revenue was EUR 467,919, indicating 120% growth in comparison with the previous year, and 10% more than budgeted. Spatineo achieved EUR 43,018 profit while the profit margin was 9.2%. The total in the balance sheet was EUR 150,942, indicating 20% growth in comparison with the previous year…. Read more »

Spatineo is patenting its intelligent monitoring technology

Spatineo is applying for a patent to protect the innovation that the Spatineo Monitor’s monitoring technology is based on. The patent application is a UK patent that is usually processed and granted within one year. After this, the patent will be extended to a European and US patent. Spatineo Monitor’s innovation is a unique, self-learning… Read more »

Spatineo appointed a new service director

D.Sc. (Tech.) Jaana Mäkelä is starting at Spatineo as a service director during February-March. Dr. Mäkelä completed her doctor thesis at the Aalto University at the end of 2013 on organizational maturity model for utilization of spatial information. She has worked in the field of spatial data and spatial systems for over 30 years. Her… Read more »

A new version of Spatineo Monitor available

We’ve released today, on the 25th of September, a new version of Spatineo Monitor. The release carries the code name “Greta” to honor the birthday of the famous actress Greta Garbo. We’re pleased to announced that we reached all the goals set for this release and now Spatineo Monitor includes all the major functionalities that… Read more »

Finnish Meteorological Institute happy with Spatineo services

Finnish meteorological institute has today made a press release about their weather open data launch. In this press release Spatineo is also highlighted and Finnish meteorological institute expresses their satisfaction with the service and the help Spatineo has offered in regards to their launch and in general in regards to the quality assurance of their… Read more »

ELY-Center to support the international growth of Spatineo

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment has granted Spatineo 23.500 euros for international expansion. The project runs until summer 2014 and includes support for attending the most important events and fairs in the geospatial market. These events include such as INSPIRE conferences, OGC technical meetings, Intergeo Fair, ESRI conference and Geospatial World Forum.

New version of Spatineo Monitor released

Spatineo Monitor release notes Version “George IV” 28th May 2013 New features Maintenance breaks & community notifications: It’s now possible for data providers to publicly announce upcoming maintenance breaks and publish other notifications to the user communities of their services. A completely new view “Notification publisher” is found under the main tab “Overview & reports”…. Read more »

Spatineo growing strong

Spatineo had its’ annual general meeting on the 4th of April and the closing of the accounts for 2012 was approved. Spatineo had forecasted to triple its’ sales in 2012 but eventually the sales was 5-fold compared to the previous year ending up at 213.508 euros (growth 394%). The result remain positive as well. Also… Read more »

A new version of Spatineo Monitor released

A new version of Spatineo Monitor was released today on the 13th of February. The code name of the release is “Cousteau” in honor of a French explorer and forerunner of scuba diving Jacques-Yves Cousteau who died in 1997. This release is the second production release of Spatineo Monitor. The first release (code name “Topelius”)… Read more »