Who Are We? – Part XI: Anita Lankinen

1.) Name, title, how long have you worked at Spatineo?Anita Lankinen
My name is Anita Lankinen and I’m Marketing Planner at Spatineo. I’ve been working here since April 2016.

2.) What do you do at Spatineo in practice? Tell us about your typical work day!
I’m editing the website, creating content for our Social Media channels, working on sales materials and organizing Spatineo webinars. Moreover, together with Sales and Marketing team we are further developing our marketing strategy to boost our sales activities in the long run.

3.) What is the best thing about your work?
I truly enjoy internal atmosphere in the company. It is always easy to suggest new ideas, discuss them with the team and then put those into practice. We have a very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team.

4.) If you are a tourist in a foreign city, which map service do you use? Why?
I mostly use Google maps, although sometimes I download apps with information on the sights of the particular city to be used offline. For entertainment tips I use TripAdvisor in addition to advice from friends and general online research.