Agentschap Informatie Vlaanderen


Agentschap Informatie Vlaanderen (AIV) is a regional governmental agency specialised in creating, using, processing and distributing geographic information. They are also responsible for the implementation of the European INSPIRE Directive for the Flemish region. Since quality of SDI is a backbone for AIV’s operations and they are obligated to fulfill OGC and INSPIRE requirements for service level, they were in need of a tool to monitor the operability of their spatial web services. The desired solution should be able to monitor the availability of the services as well as report on the service usage to the European Commission, Flemish government and their clients. As their services reside on multiple servers, an important prerequisite for the solution was to bring the monitoring and usage analytics onto one platform.


The cooperation began in the Summer 2013, when AIV became familiar with Spatineo Monitor at the INSPIRE Conference in Florence. The test period was executed in the Autumn 2013, soon after which, the contract was made. Spatineo Monitor turned out to be one of the few tools that allows AIV to monitor and analyse their distributed SDI on one platform.


Spatineo Monitor brings significant added value for AIV and their clients. The major strength of Spatineo Monitor is that it is an external monitoring system and thus, an objective source of information for AIV clients. The clients can check the availability of their services on the Spatineo Directory website, whereas AIV uses Spatineo Monitor inform the clients about service interruptions and planned maintenances. Usage statistics are uploaded on Spatineo Monitor on a regular base which allows AIV to report on the usage, availability and standards conformity of the services at any time. Since the Monitor is independent of AIV’s other infrastructure, it enables full monitoring of their spatial data services also during the installation and development work.

With the tool, AIV can also objectively validate the INSPIRE compliance of their WMS, WFS and WMTS services and to further develop services in accordance with the directives. According to Bart Cosyn, the Senior SDI Architect at AIV, the conformity of their services is very important since it’s the only way to insure interoperability.

“We appreciate good communication with the Spatineo development team as well as Spatineo’s willingness to listen to their customers”, comments Cosyn their co-operation with Spatineo. The availability widget that can be embedded on any website was one of the new features that were implemented based on customer feedback. AIV uses the widget on its internal service dashboard.