City of Hyvinkää


Since the Spring 2014, the City of Hyvinkää has used a WMS API both in the internal and external data delivery of the city. All the spatial data of the internet map service of the city is freely available for viewing through the WMS API, including the base map and guide map of the city. Due to the wide use of spatial data in their operations, Hyvinkää was in a search of a solution that enables them to easily monitor the usage and assure the quality of their spatial APIs.


The City of Hyvinkää took Spatineo Monitor into use in the Autumn of 2014. With Spatineo Monitor, Hyvinkää gets realistic monitoring data on the availability, quality and usage of their spatial APIs.


With the real-time monitoring data, the City of Hyvinkää can ensure that their services are working as expected. They also get information on the response times which reveals if the service slows down. Possible deviations can be easily pinpointed. Spatineo Monitor automatically runs the official INSPIRE report required by the European Commission annually which saves working time used to produce the report. In addition to technical monitoring, Hyvinkää gets detailed information on the users of their services, such as what are the request amounts for different datasets, who are using the service and from where.