The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency


The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency is responsible for Finnish roads, railways and waterways as well as the overall development of the transport system. The Agency offers spatial data of roads, railways and waterways for viewing through two WMS APIs. Through these APIs, users can explore a variety of spatial data, including traffic flows and territorial waters limits. High user amount and wide use of the spatial APIs provided by the Finnish Traffic Agency raised a need to make the maintenance of the services more effective as well as to assure their quality and performance.


The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency signed an agreement with Spatineo regarding Spatineo Monitor and Spatineo Performance in the Spring 2014. They have a continuous agreement for Spatineo Monitor service-level monitoring and usage analytics tool, whereas Spatineo Performance was purchased as a one-off performance testing consultancy project.


With accurate analysis and reporting features of Spatineo Monitor, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency keeps track of the service level and usage of their spatial web services. Automating the monitoring of the services facilitates their operations in a multi-provider environment: delays in response time and other deviations can be directly reported to the responsible operator. Furthermore, Spatineo Monitor enables the Agency to validate the standard conformity of their services implemented by an external service developer. The service provider can be provided with a detailed list of areas that need to be fixed. Thus the Finnish Traffic Agency can be sure to get the service level they have been promised. By automating mandatory INSPIRE reporting, the Finnish Transport Agency has achieved significant time savings. In previous years, it took a whole working week to produce the annual INSPIRE report, whereas Spatineo Monitor runs the report automatically.

With Spatineo Performance, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency discovered how their services behave under high stress and what is the maximum capacity of the system. Without performance testing, a part of the capacity would have been left unutilised. Performance testing combined with the use of Spatineo Monitor helped the Agency to size the investments in their technical platforms according to the real need.