Spatineo Monitor helps the City of Riihimäki to maintain high-quality spatial web services

The City of Riihimäki in Finland started using Spatineo Monitor in August 2016 to maintain continuous quality of service and demonstrate the impact of their spatial web services.

The City of Riihimäki offers various spatial datasets, including guide map, base map and plan map, through spatial web services for the use of city administration, local authorities and private users. In internal operations, spatial data can be utilised in technical sectors such as planning, construction and infrastructure development. Whereas for external users, spatial data is a useful tool for finding local services and choosing the areas best for living and doing business, just to mention a few examples. The City of Riihimäki also has many of its citizen services, such as building permits applications, available as eServices which saves time and money for both parties.

Since the spatial data provided by the City of Riihimäki is used internally and externally throughout the day, the services used for delivering the data, need to be available 24/7. Only then the value of the spatial web services and other applications using the data can be realised. To ensure the good usability of the data, the city collects information on the availability and response time of their spatial web services in real time with Spatineo Monitor. With the tool, they can also analyse the usage of their services and thus demonstrate the impact of the services and optimize resources.

Riihimäki web map service
The map service of the City of Riihimäki