Spatineo Monitor outage (Dec 15th)

Unfortunately we must report that there was an outage of Spatineo Monitor and Spatineo Performance on Dec 15th from 1:15 AM to 3:00 AM (UTC). This outage was caused by a major disruption at our hosting provider. We monitored the issue and our servers closely during this disruption and made sure operations were restored to normal as soon as possible. The issue is now resolved and operations have returned to normal.

The disruption affected:

  • Access to Spatineo Monitor and Spatineo Performance
  • Monitoring of services
  • Log file upload and processing
  • Alerts
  • APIs provided by Spatineo Monitor (including monitoring information on Directory)

Due to the disruption in monitoring, our alerting system sent warning messages due to insufficient monitoring data. These alerts were sent around the time the underlying issue with our hosting provider was resolved.

We recommend that you make sure log file upload for you was not disrupted due to this problem.

The core issue was with DNS services at Amazon Web Services in Ireland. This meant that many of our servers were unable to communicate to each other.

We are monitoring the situation to make sure any after effects of this disruption are mitigated as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.