We want to be where our customers are, so from now onwards you can find us also from downtown Tampere!

This change has been on the horizon for a long time, and now we’ve taken a leap by opening a new office in Tampere!

Our new office is located on the banks of Tammerkoski, inside the Innovation Home Tampere at Finlayson.

What is Innovation Home Tampere you ask? It is a co-working space, where companies can found a working area for multiple purposes. The historical Finlayson hosts also other like-minded companies. Innovation Home provides us with luxurious common areas, many meeting rooms to choose from and a beautiful scene overlooking Tammerkoski. Rumor has it that Innovation Home Tampere also has focused quite a bit on the ergonomy of their offices, so you can be sure that the accommodations for working are top-notch!

Feel free to come to say hello to us in Tampere! Our new Director of Business Development Jari Vasell is stationed at the Tampere office usually, and he will offer you a cup of coffee if you come to say hello on site! Scroll down to book a meeting! :)

Spatineo Tampere can be found at Finlaysoninkuja 21 A, 33210 Tampere

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