Spatineo Performance consultancy package

See what is included in the Spatineo Performance consultancy package.

  • Startup meeting (1-2h)
    • A test plan is created together with the customer and refined later during the project if needed
  • Two tests (4-6h each)
    • The tests are run in close co-operation with the customer and their service provider
    • On the first test, determine performance baseline and identify bottlenecks
    • On the second test, focus on testing solutions for the identified bottlenecks
  • Conclusion meeting (3h) and final report
    • Analysis on the results and recommendations for improving the service are documented in the final report and presented to the customer in the conclusion meeting.
  • The use of Spatineo Performance
    • The package includes unlimited credits of Spatineo Performance for the test engineer to use during the test days and 5 test credits for the customer to use within 12 months of the project closing date.
    • Results for the tests executed during the consultancy project will be accessible to the customer after the project.