Spatineo Performance is here!

Spatineo has released the world’s first performance testing of geospatial web services as SaaS.

The amount and usage of geospatial web services have been increasing since web map services have become an essential part of e-services and mobile applications over the past few years. This trend is making quality assurance and reliability of geospatial web services a paramount: it is important to ensure that services keep working under all conditions, especially during peak usage.

Spatineo Performance runs tests on a geospatial web service using simulated loads that correspond to typical usage loads from light usage to maximum load. By doing performance testing, the user can find out how the geospatial web service will perform when it has more users and it is used in new ways. With Spatineo Performance, you can also easily ensure the performance of your new or improved services before releasing them to the public.

You can design and run the tests according to your own schedule and testing needs. As a result of the test, you will get a clear summary report showing the performance capabilities of your geospatial web service. With Spatineo Performance, you can easily find the bottlenecks and the breaking point of your services and verify that they meet the EU INSPIRE directive quality of service requirements.

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