Statistics Finland expects to get the most out of their GIS with Spatineo Monitor

Statistics Finland has acquired Spatineo Monitor to enhance operating their spatial web services and get better visibility on the impact of the services.

Statistics Finland is a governmental institute which produces the majority of Finnish official statistics, such as governmental and municipal key figures. They’re also a significant international actor in the field of statistics. Their mission is to serve social and economic decision-making based on facts, as well as scientific research and citizens by producing reliable statistics, studies and datasets describing the society. Since statistical data is often related to location, spatial web services play an important role in their operations. Providing reliable data and promoting the use of statistics will be realised only when the services used for delivering spatial data are easily accessible and working smoothly 24/7.

Statistics Finland has been active in developing their spatial web services and has opened datasets publicly available for everyone. To know the impact of their spatial web services and ensure a good service level for continuously growing user base, Statistics Finland needs information on the availability, INSPIRE compliance and use of their spatial web services. Furthermore, they need a way to produce reliable reports on service usage and quality to the management, ministry and EU for the implementation of the INSPIRE directive. By purchasing Spatineo Monitor service-level monitoring and usage analytics tool, Statistics Finland expects to cover these needs in the future. The aim is to automatically collect, analyse and report on data on quality of service, usage and standards conformity, all on one single platform.