Successful open data strategy

Why are open data strategies so important?

Open data has become an integral part of several ecosystems, and making data-driven decisions about your strategy regarding open data is becoming even more essential. Decision makers around the world are basing their strategies on key performance indicators, and defining them accurately is a huge task.

Define and visualize key performance indicators for measuring the impact of your spatial and open data strategy. Spatineo has helped several organisations in defining their key performance indicators regarding open spatial web services and data infrastructures. Our experts have deep understanding of what makes an open data strategy successful, so let us help you make data driven decisions on focusing your resources in where it makes most sense.

Our solutions to succesfull open data strategy

Spatineo Impact assessment method is a strategic level tool to analyse the impact of the spatial data an organisation makes available to its customers and the society as a whole.

Spatineo Impact

Spatineo consulting teams offer you a unique combination of user-oriented problem solving, crisp business perspective and deep technical knowledge.

Spationeo Consulting

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