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Odysseus – A story about survival (using GIS)

“This is an automated broadcast on every frequency. The planetary senate has initiated emergency protocol ALPHA. Last night at 04:50 Ellarion Standard Time The Machines attacked. Every major city in Ellarion, Caelena and Osiris has been destroyed. The casualties are innumerable. Unfortunately, among the deceased is the honored Emperor, forever may they shine. On this… Read more »

How AWS enables automation of publishing geospatial data?

How AWS enables automation of publishing geospatial data_

At the start of 2019 our client the Department of the Built Environment of the Finnish Ministry of the Environment needed to set up an API to offer spatial planning datasets produced in the Kuntapilotti pilot project. The pilot was one of the work packages of the larger Maankäyttöpäätökset (Land use decisions) project. One of… Read more »