The Finnish Transport Agency utilises Spatineo products for the quality assurance of their spatial APIs

The Finnish Transport Agency has signed an agreement with Spatineo regarding Spatineo Monitor and Spatineo Performance. Spatineo products help the Agency to make the technical maintenance of their spatial APIs more effective and to assure the Quality of Service. The Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for Finnish roads, railways and waterways and for the overall development of Finland’s transport system. The Agency offers the spatial data of roads, railways and waterways for viewing through two WMS API:s. Via these APIs, users can explore e.g. traffic flows or territorial waters limits.

The Finnish Transport AgencyWith the accurate analysis and reporting tools of Spatineo Monitor, The Finnish Transport Agency gains several benefits on the Quality of Service as well as cost efficiency: the Agency can build their APIs more reliable and make the value of the services visible, allocate the development resources in the services which have most users, as well as reach cost and time savings with the automatic INSPIRE monitoring and reporting. Spatineo Performance is used to test the performance of their services. Based on the results of the test, requisite development activities can be focused on areas which have the best benefit-cost ratio and the improvements can be made visible.