The first Spatineo Roadmap –maturity assessment in the utilisation of spatial data has been completed

The Finnish Environment Institute The maturity assessment in the utilisation of spatial data in the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) has been completed. The assessment started in the spring of 2014 and was executed by using Spatineo Roadmap. The Group Manager Riitta Teiniranta, who coordinated the maturity assessment at SYKE, consider the results interesting. “The maturity assessment highlighted issues that were guessed beforehand but also unexpected matters.”, crystallises Teiniranta. In addition, she tells that based on the results, they plan the actions for developing the most important areas that promote the utilisation of spatial data in their organisation. According to Teiniranta, the awareness of the possibilities and benefits of the use of spatial data has increased among the management of SYKE along with the maturity assessment.