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Vad:ROI – återbetalning av investering i geodatatjänster” Webbinar

När: Tisdag 27.11.2018 14:00-14:30 (Lokal tid i Sverige)

Presentatörer: Spatineo & GIS-Kvalitet i Norden

Är det värt att investera i den höga kvaliteten av geodatatjänster? I presentationen visar vi hur Return On Investment (ROI) kan tillämpas på geodatatjänster. Både direkta och indirekta kostnadsbesparingar på intern och extern användning av geodatatjänster kan beräknas utifrån pålitlig information.

I webbinariet vi visar och förklarar ROI-beräkning av Finlands miljöcentrals geodatatjänster.

What: Importance of Assuring the Robustness of Services in Your SDI – webinar

When: Thursday 22nd of November 2018 15:00-15.30 (GMT+2, Helsinki time)

Presenter: Fabio Bittencourt, Spatineo’s Area Sales Manager

Performance Robustness webinar

In order to discover the actual maximum capacity of a spatial web service and identify bottlenecks that prevent the service from reaching higher capacity levels, you should test the service generating realistic loads, ranging from light to very heavy use simulation and specifying the areas of the service to be tested. Thus, you can easily find the development areas which you should focus your resources on.

In this webinar Fabio will show a real-case simulation, while discussing the following:

Capacity tests help you determine how your spatial web service will perform when it has more users;

Confirm that your services meet the capacity requirements;

Verify the performance of spatial services before publishing them;

Ensure your services will keep working under peak usage situations.

The webinar has limited amount of seats, so reserve your own right away and make sure you don’t miss this event!

What: Simpler alternatives for INSPIRE data – webinar

When: Thursday 11th of October 2018 14:00-15:00 (GMT+3, Helsinki time)

Presenter: Ilkka Rinne, Spatineo’s Head of Customer Experience and Interoperability

In this webinar, Ilkka will explain when and why the complexity of the current INSPIRE data models and encodings becomes a problem, and what is already being done to solve the situation.

Understanding a complex world requires complex data models in general, but in particular cases less can be much more.

Usable simplification requires re-design: what’s most important? The observation data case (O&M Simple Features).

On-going work for INSPIRE GeoJSON encodings for INSPIRE—a trailblazer for others to come (MIF Action 2017.2)

Vad: Validera dina geodatatjänster mot OGC och INSPIRE standard – Webbinar

När: Tisdag 02.10.2018 14:00-15:00 (Svensk tid)

Presentatörer: Spatineo & GIS-Kvalitet i Norden

Validera dina geodatatjänster mot OGC och INSPIRE standard med en knapptryckning i Spatineo Monitor!

Funktionen innebär ett stort mervärde för dig om snabbt vill se eventuella justeringar du behöver göra i dina geodatatjänster.

Vi ger dig en kort introduktion i gällande standarder för geodatatjänster och visar hur valideringen går till i praktiken!

What:  Monitoring and Analysis of Usage of INSPIRE Web Services- webinar

When: Thursday 20th of June  10:00 – 10:45 (Rome)

Hosts: Spatineo & Epsilon Italia

Monitoring and Analysis of Usage of INSPIRE Web Services - webinar with Epsilon Italia and Spatineo

We will present software solutions to quickly detect unexpected interruptions or slow-speed responses in your web services. Fast response times that meet or exceed users expectations, are essential to improve data usage and at the same time the monitoring of it allows you to provide geographical data in accordance with the requirements of the INSPIRE Directive.


What:  How Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA) optimize their SDI investments?

When: Wednesday 22nd of November 2017

Hosts: Fabio Bittencourt

How APA managed to optimize their investments in their SDI? Careful monitoring and investing where it was deemed important play a key role, in making the right decisions.
Webinar will be based on Fabio’s INSPIRE presentation, which was held together with Joaquim from APA

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