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10+1 Points: Leading your Spatial Data Infrastructure to exceed in 2020

4/2/20203:00pm EET45 minutes

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Do you know the steps which make your geospatial data infrastructure excellent?
We have created a simple list on how to exceed with your SDI in 2020:

1) Know the capacity of the services
2) Keep track of the performance
3) Set criteria for QoS level
4) Know users (how many, when, from where, etc)
5) Understand the usage (areas of the service – layers / datasets)
6) Comply with international standards (OGC/INSPIRE)
7) Identify and anticipate trends
8) Share information (widgets)
9) Generate reports for management
10)Optimize investments in the SDI (combining 1, 4, 5 and 7)
11) Reveal the Impact of your SDI

If you are responsible for the Spatial Data Infrastructure in your organization and you are concerned about assuring quality and reliability of the spatial web services provided, you can’t miss our Webinar where we will show 10+1 points how to make your spatial data infrastructure achieve excellence in 2020! We will cover areas such as how to know the real capacity of your services and keep track of their performance; how to make sure the criteria for QoS is met, know the users and understand the usage, down to the spatial elements of the services, how to assure compliance with international standards, a way to identify and anticipate trends, share relevant information to the user base and much more!

The webinar will be presented by Fabio Bittencourt, International Sales Manager at Spatineo.
Participation is free of charge but seats are limited.

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