Wetransform’s and Spatineo’s interconnected solutions

How two european Spatial data experts complement each another and work towards better SDIs for everyone?

Two European companies working together towards easier management and better quality of Spatial data. Both Wetransform and Spatineo have agreed to assist each other in their goals to make better spatial data infrastructures around Europe.

Our combined solutions

Wetransform offers an easy to use solution for implementing INSPIRE Directive requirements: INSPIRE GIS. INSPIRE GIS solves the technical challenges for publishing, harmonizing and managing your INSPIRE data sets, and their are very good at doing this. We at Spatineo are experts in measuring Quality of Service of INSPIRE services, some decided to join our forces and start offering basic quality of service monitoring information produced by Spatineo as an additional integrated feature for INSPIRE GIS. INSPIRE GIS users can also easily upgrade to Spatineo Monitor Quality of Service and usage analytics subscription including detailed graphical reports, alerting etc. Quality assurance has never been more important, and the obligations INSPIRE directive gives data publishers require certain measures to be taken.

Complement each other        Assure the quality of data published        Help to improve your services

Technical Properties

The integrated Monitoring feature of INSPIRE GIS is based on the same high quality service monitoring data that we use for Spatineo Monitor. We have a dedicated monitoring agent network that checks the status of each monitored service every 5 minutes, stores this data in our monitoring database. An overview of this availability data is automatically shown in INSPIRE GIS for the services where the Monitoring feature is enabled. For the customers willing to get a complete picture of what’s happening in their services, a full Spatineo Monitor subscription is available at a friendly price with customizable Quality of Service monitoring, spatially-enabled usage analytics, drill-down graphical user interface, SMS and email alerting etc.