Who are we? – Ilkka Kortelainen

1.) Name, title and when did you start working at Spatineo?

My name is Ilkka Kortelainen and I study Geoinformatics at Aalto University. I started at Spatineo in June 2022 as a GIS Consultant Trainee.

2.) What do you do in practice at Spatineo? Tell us what kind of cases, projects and work you will be doing in the future!

My early days at Spatineo have been spent on a very interesting spatial data project where we studied sunsets on city streets. In addition to various geospatially focused work, I hope to challenge myself with other types of work in the future as my skills develop. Time will tell.

3.) What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is the self-direction, problem solving and continuous improvement. I enjoy the variety and challenge of my job, which is very inspiring.

4.) And what is the best thing about Spatineo?

The supportive atmosphere of the work community. I’m given the space to learn and discover in my own way, but I also get a lot of help and sparring when I need it. My colleagues are very nice and I have learned a lot from them in a short time.

5.) Which technologies (geospatial or other) fascinate you the most? Which technologies should be used more in the future?

I am most fascinated by all geospatial software (such as QGIS). Python is my favourite programming language and I have learned to work with geospatial data with it. In the future, I would like to develop my skills not only in spatial data processing but also in machine learning in particular.

The use of spatial data in every field has increased and with it the amount of data is becoming huge. I believe that technologies for harnessing all this data are the future.