Who are we? – Part XIV: Joona Laine

1.) Name, title, how long have you worked at Spatineo?


My name is Joona Laine and I am a fifth year Geoinformatics student from Aalto University. My title is GIS Consultant here at Spatineo. I started working here from the start of November as a part-time employee and I will start writing my Master’s Thesis on January 2018.

2.) What do you do at Spatineo in practice? Tell us about your typical work day!

As a recently started GIS Consultant, I will combine my GIS and software development skills to develop new features in our products and to help our customers use them. In addition I will also do consultancy work for our customers and write the Master’s Thesis for Spatineo.

3.) What is the best thing about your work?

The best thing about my work is to be able to solve different kinds of challenging problems and to be able to learn constantly more. I love to be able to combine my studies and interests to create something bigger. The atmosphere has been really great in here and I truly feel that I can really make a difference with my work.

4.) If you are a tourist in a foreign city, which map service do you use? Why?

I usually use OsmAnd, OpenStreetMap based online and offline navigation app. It has most of the information from the OpenStreetMap so it is a good way to find attractions as well. If I have internet connection available, I might also use the maps provided by local transportation apps.