Who are we? – Patrick Alaspää

1.) Name, title, what you will be doing at Spatineo?

Hi! I’m Patrick Alaspää and I’m a software consultant at Spatineo.

2.) What do you do at Spatineo in practice? Tell us about your typical work day!

It’s hard to define a typical day since I’ve only just started, but so far I’ve been busy with creating a new test environment for some of our existing software. I’m also looking forward to getting started with some customer projects in the near future!

3.) What is the best thing about your work?

I enjoy the fact that most day’s bring new challenges. It really prevents work from feeling like a grind.

4.) What technologies fascinate you the most? What technologies should be utilized more in the future?

Lately I’ve been fascinated by Docker, because of the consistency it offers in developing and running software. Even though I think the idea of containerization is already quite ubiquitous, in terms of containerizing the entire development and production environment, it could be pushed further.