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1.) Name, title, what you will be doing at Spatineo?

I’m Tapio Siltala. I work as Sales Manager in Spatineo. I started at Spatineo in December 2020. 

2.) What do you do at Spatineo in practice? Tell us what kind of cases, projects and work you will be doing in the future!

I especially take care of the consulting sales and business development mostly in Finland. As well I can help the customers in all our products like Spatineo Monitor, Roadmap and Impact. My work includes contacting, dialoging and discussing with the customers. Of course a remarkable part of by practical work is to take care of the commercial side, meaning making offers and contracts with the customers. 

3.) What is the best thing about your work?

I really enjoy to be in a work environment which employees has huge amount of really deep skills and knowledge of the latest Spatial IT world. One of the best things absolutely is to have so positive, flexible and inspiring people around. 

4.) What technologies (geospatial or not) fascinate you the most? What technologies should be utilized more in the future?

I’m very fascinated by all the technologies which really help either my personal life or improve the business of the customers in the practise. I have been lucky to have the opportunity to work my whole career in the frontline of location intelligence and GIS. My greatest personal technology project during the pandemic year 2020 has been Smart Home project at home.

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