Why Choose Us

We're your trusted partner in all OGC & INSPIRE needs. Our cloud-based services are ready for use today.

What are OGC and INSPIRE?

OGC and INSPIRE are spatial data standards that help you build a high-quality spatial data infrastructure. Providing spatial data in a standard format makes different datasets work smoothly together, thus enhancing organisation's internal processes and enabling easy sharing of data.OGCINSPIRE

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We help you make it happen

Spatineo is your trusted partner in all OGC and INSPIRE needs with several years of experience in OGC and INSPIRE working groups. With the cutting edge knowledge of spatial data standardisation, we have developed tools to fulfill OGC and INSPIRE requirements effortlessly. Let Spatineo Monitor do everything you need for OGC and INSPIRE compliance.

Benefits of the Cloud

Spatineo products are 100% cloud based. Let us explain why we love cloud services and why we believe that cloud would be the best platform for your service monitoring:

  • No installations & ready to use immediately
  • Access your data anywhere and at any time
  • Automatic, free-of-charge software updates
  • Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Your data is secured from third parties
  • Avoid losing your data if your device goes missing

Read more on how we keep your data safe from Spatineo General Terms and Conditions.