We Make Your Data Flow

Spatineo was founded in 2011 to help businesses and organisations better utilise spatial data and to ensure that data flows and geospatial technology also benefit our societies.

We have grown to be one of the leading Finnish experts in supporting organisations to make data flow smoothly in their organisation, and for it to become a real asset for their business.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, we provide expert consultancy, services, and software products to help our customers with their spatial web services and spatial data infrastructure. This has been the driving component since the birth of Spatineo.

Our primary specialties are software development, cloud services, and geoinformatics. We are experts in measuring business and technology performance, not forgetting a thorough understanding of international standards.

With a multitalented team of specialists, the latest available technological solutions, and a clear vision of the role of data, we aim to help make data flow in a way that is valuable for everyone.

Spatineo is an expert organisation to make your data flow.


OGC has been on the forefront of standards development in the geospatial industry for almost 30 years. We have actively participated in OGC working groups, and currently our Ilkka Rinne is leading the OGC Observations and measurements standard working group and chairing  the Quality of Service Experience domain working group.

Amazon Partner Network

We have been working with AWS since the inception of our company in 2011, and have successfully utilized the amazing new technologies provided by Amazon. We are using our expertise in cloud technologies for our own products as well as for helping customers take full advantage of what the cloud offers.

Finding the Right Path

We have dozens of international customers from different industries – such as mapping, cadastral and land registry authorities, environmental and natural resources organisations, transport agencies, IT service providers, cities, regions and municipalities.

Most of our customers are national or regional authorities who are responsible for offering open data through spatial web services.

We have designed our services so that our clients can optimise their internal processes and APIs, clear bottlenecks in their systems, and make data flows as smooth as possible. Working with us, utilising data is user-friendly, effortless, and easily measurable.

We help businesses use data to support their growth and build a foundation for robust and reliable opportunities – creating new experiences, services, and insights on top of data. Our solutions also assist new businesses to get on the right path.

Spatineo doesn’t only help in measuring and sharing the data. On the way, we also add to its value.

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