Become a Part of Team Spatineo

We are constantly looking for new experts to join our team. Spatineo is happy to provide professionals with the chance to further develop themselves, expand our collective skill set, and get to know all of our interesting customers so that we can serve them even better.

Join team Spatineo!

What Can We Offer You?

  • Get to work with the latest trends in spatial web development.
  • Gain more experience in cutting-edge technologies regarding software development and spatial data.
  • Take part in developing the standards of our industry, as Spatineo is an active member of OGC, Open Geospatial Consortium.
  • Have the opportunity to grow with our business and our clients.

How Do We Know We’re a Great Fit?

Is It Meaningful?

We say it has to be! The job, we mean. The work we are doing at Spatineo is, for example, about developing digitalisation on a national level, designing better weather services, and tackling the challenges of climate change – not trivial matters, as you can see.

Our clients include public organisations and private businesses, and our role is to help them create more efficient data flows and design better digital services. We are involved in many international cooperation projects such as Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Arctic Passion, Baltic Data Flows, and GeoE3.

Do You Have What It Takes?

The basic requirement for working at Spatineo is that you’ll have to be accustomed to the world of IT and be ready to develop your skills. That’s it. We are not looking for people already at their peak but professionals who are willing to grow. We encourage our employees to achieve certificates and to participate in trainings on company time and company dime.

At the moment, we have a diverse team of specialists, including backend people, frontend people, geospatial wizards, data scientists, and technical consultant geniuses. If you feel you could belong in the merry band, feel free to drop an open application!

In addition to the aforementioned skills, machine learning and cloud infrastructure expertise, for example, are of great interest to us. If you wish, take a peek at our current tech stack.

We Are a Community

Projects come and projects go, and each of us has their own roles and responsibilities in them – but no one at Spatineo works alone.

There is always support from other team members, and you will never have to to bear responsibilities beyond your skills. Together we are stronger.

Do You Want to Know Even More?

We are always interested in hearing about new applicants and new talent. So, if you have more questions to ask about working at Spatineo, feel free to contact us!