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Get to know our previous and ongoing projects and how we have helped our clients in making their data flow better.


How to make services more efficient with digital solutions and save time and money? Case: NLS Property Transaction Service

In digital services of Finnish National Land Survey, the key is to create efficient services that save time and money ...


Creating digital assessment tool for scientific needs – Tuulituhohaukka

Finnish Meteorological Institute needed a tool to assess datasets and we build them a tool for that; tuulituhohaukka. Now FMI ...


Spatial Web Services the Italian Way

ISPRA (Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) is the technical coordinator for INSPIRE data in Italy and they provide ...


Updating Spatial Data Infrastructure and Ensuring Success – Case: Uudenmaan Liitto

Uudenmaan liitto updated their Spatial Data Infrastructure to meet the requirements of 2021, and the new approved provincial plans are ...


Building New INSPIRE services – Case: Statistics Finland

Statistics Finland launched new INSPIRE services (OGC API) with the help of Spatineo, but what was the process the services ...


More impact from service-based data sharing within the Baltic

We are now partner in the Baltic Data Flows project and our main tasks in the project are related to ...


The Portuguese Environment Agency APA using Spatineo Monitor as a SIEM

Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente (APA) has been using Spatineo Monitor for some years now, and they have gained deep insights ...


Department of Mobility and Transportation of Flanders now adding more value to their spatial data infrastructure with Spatineo Monitor

DMOW of Flanders acquired Spatineo Monitor to ensure the quality of their spatial web services. Read more from our blog!


The economic benefits of geodata in digital urban planning and building process

Spatineo Inc. and its partner GIS-kvalitet i Norden supported Lantmäteriet, the National Land Survey of Sweden, in answering an essential ...


National Centre of Geographic Information (CNIG) of Spain to start monitoring with Spatineo

CNIG Spain is the organization in Spain to coordinate at national level the offerings of open geospatial data and web ...


Direção-Geral do Território (DGT) has just acquired Spatineo Monitor to assure the quality of their services

The General-Directorate of the Territory  in Portugal (DGT) has just adopted Spatineo Monitor, as they want to assure the quality of ...


Performance Testing of Open Data Services for Finnish Forest Center

Robustness and quality of spatial web services has never been more crucial, and Finnish Forest Center (Metsäkeskus) understands this well. ...