When Data Flows, Everything Flows

Spatineo helps businesses and organisations use data flows to support growth and build a robust foundation for new opportunities.

Smoothly Flowing Data. Solid Expertise.

We are one of the leading Finnish experts in supporting organisations to make data flow smoothly, and for it to become a real asset for their operations. Spatineo provides effortless data flow services and enables measurable data flows. That’s how we ensure the success of our clients and make our whole society more prosperous. We also help in creating new experiences, services, and insights on top of data.

Using Data Flows for Your Operations Shouldn’t Be Hard

We have designed our services and solutions to enable our clients to optimise their internal processes and APIs, clear bottlenecks in their systems, and to make data flows as smooth as possible. Working with us, utilising data is user-friendly, effortless, and easily measurable.

Working with Spatineo, utilising data is user-friendly, effortless, and easily measurable.

Tuulituhohaukka is our ongoing project with Finnish Meteorological Institute to build an application to detect wind damage. As there are wind damages all over Finland, people could check directly from the application if their properties were affected.

FMI had developed an algorithm to assess where the risk of heavy wind damages was the greatest, and now they needed a tool to assess if the algorithm was right. That is where Spatineo steps in.

“Tuulituhohaukka enhances the implementation of the Forest Act related to the wind damage caused by storms. Forest use declarations can be made earlier and more efficiently when the remote sensing analysis is done quickly and automatically via Tuulituhohaukka.”

– Mikko Strahlendorff, Space Adviser, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Shepherding Data Safely for All in Need

We are a multitalented team of specialists with the latest available technological solutions and a clear vision of the role of data. Spatineo aims to help make data flow in a way that is valuable for everyone.

Spatineo’s Blogs

One aspect of our work is publishing blogs and articles regarding the use of data flows. Here you will also find current Spatineo news, team member introductions, and our popular webinars.

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