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Take advantage of the latest technology and improve your business using data analytics

Our Promise

Guided technology innovation

Minimize the risks of your technology investments. Use our expertise to guide your innovation and proof-of-concept projects to the most likely success.

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Healthy spatial data APIs

With Spatineo zero-installation tools you check the health and performance limits of your APIs and gain geo-insight on the users and usage of your provided datasets.

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Distilled expert knowledge

Fill the gaps in your knowledge. We are good at extracting, analysing and distilling knowledge into clear presentations and reports.

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Reliable & interoperable Spatial IT

Our experience and active commitment in spatial IT standardization, interoperable data models and software components help you build efficient and sustainable spatial data infrastructures.

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Successful open data strategy

Measure the impact of your spatial data strategy and make data driven decisions on focusing your resources in where it makes most sense.

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Improved data utilization

Gain scientific insight on your capability to support your employees in leveraging your existing spatial datasets and services to complete their everyday tasks.

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Spatineo articles

Cloud Specialist Spatineo Open Position

Open Position: Cloud Specialist / Pilviasiantuntija (AWS)

Onko sinulla osaamista ja intohimoa pyöritellä tietovirtoja pilvessä? Onko ongelmanratkaisu ja muiden auttaminen sinun vahvuuksiasi? Spatineo etsii pilviasiantuntijaa tiiminsä vahvitukseksi!

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Oskari Hakkinen Spatineon Uusi Toimitusjohtaja 2021

Oskari Häkkinen Spatineon uusi toimitusjohtaja

Spatineolla on työstetty uutta strategiaa talvesta lähtien, ja nyt tätä uutta strategiaa johtamaan on palkattu Oskari Häkkinen.

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Spatineo accelerates growth by appointing new Managing Director Oskari Häkkinen

Spatineo has been developing and implementing a new strategy since the beginning of 2021, and Spatineo has hired Oskari Häkkinen to lead this new strategy.

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