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Spatineo helps organizations to optimize their investments in the Spatial Data Infrastructure and prove the value of their spatial information and web services. Our spatial data SaaS-solutions and consulting is designed to make your services more widely used and more reliable.

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Blogs and news

Ilkka Rinne ISO OGC O&M

Ilkka Rinne to lead ISO and OGC Observations and measurements standard revisions

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards and facilitates world trade by providing common standards between nations. Ilkka Rinne from Spatineo has been selected to lead a project for modernizing one of the ISO Standards: Observations and measurements (ISO 19156, O&M). Standards based exchange of observed, measured or… Read more »


Get Smart with Widgets – How to be transparent with your spatial web services?

As more and more spatial web services and more and more data, are being opened to the public, it becomes vital to display more and more of transparency. How are your services working, and how is that information shared with your users? We have figured one very efficient way to relay that information for everyone… Read more »

The economic benefits of geodata in digital urban planning and building process featured

The economic benefits of geodata in digital urban planning and building process

Spatineo Inc. and its partner GIS-kvalitet i Norden supported Lantmäteriet, the National Land Survey of Sweden, in answering an essential and important question “What is the economic benefit of national harmonization and standardization of geodata and the national platform for access of geodata?”. The companies made together a project to Lantmäteriet  in which they assessed… Read more »

WFS3 is a novel OGC API for feature access

When browsing through the OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) version 2.0 standard the first time back in 2011 I remember wondering how close the API it defined was to a generic database access: all the basic CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations, data query with filtering, and no fixed definition for the data model of… Read more »

Inspire event in Helsinki this autumn – Data Challenge coming up!

Inspiring news*! The Inspire Helsinki 2019 will be happening this autumn and Spatineo is part the organizing party. The event revolves around “Sea of European spatial data” and how to improve both decision making and our daily lives by using data. *That joke never gets old, does it? European Spatial Data At Inspire Helsinki 2019… Read more »

CNIG Spatial Web Services Monitoring

National Centre of Geographic Information (CNIG) of Spain to start monitoring with Spatineo

CNIG Spain is the organization in Spain to coordinate at national level the offerings of open geospatial data and web services. They host tens of different services on their own, with hundreds of data layers which supply the public with up-to-date information varying from land use to seismic and volcanic data produced by IGN Spain…. Read more »

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Spatineo Consulting

We have the best geospatial data and technology experts for your project. Spatineo helps our customers to leverage the newest technologies and  to use data driven decision making, to move forward.

Spatineo Impact

We identify the most important impact indicators related to spatial data for your organisation. The impact indicators are derived from the strategic goals of the organisation, so that they are meaningful for the development of your operations. In close cooperation with your organisation’s experts, we ensure that there is data from which to produce metrics… Read more »

Spatineo Performance

Use Spatineo Performance to discover the maximum capacity of your spatial web service and to identify the bottlenecks that prevent your service from reaching higher capacity levels. Test your services by generating realistic loads ranging from light to very heavy use. You can easily find the development areas to which you should focus your resources.

Spatineo Roadmap

Assess the current maturity of your spatial data utilisation with an online questionnaire. Spatineo Roadmap gives you a comprehensive approach to the utilisation of spatial data in your organisation by measuring the maturity of the internal SDI of the organisation, the use of spatial data in processes and services, the organisation’s capabilities, the external cooperation… Read more »

Spatineo Monitor

Spatineo Monitor analyses and reports the usage of your spatial web services. You can see clearly who the users are and how they are using your services with striking interactive graphics. This helps you to focus on your most used data sets and services.