What’s the Full Value of Your Spatial Web Services?

Spatineo Monitor is designed to give our clients a comprehensive evaluation of their spatial web services. It not only provides you with the true value of the service for users but helps to gain insights into its quality and performance.

Get Real Insights on User Experience

If you don’t really know your users, their demands, and how their experience is, you can’t develop service in the right direction. This is where Spatineo Monitor comes in. With constant knowledge of the quality of your spatial web service, you can tackle problems instantly and get a full view of your service.

  • Observe when, where and how your spatial web services are used.
  • View which layers get the highest number of hits.
  • Learn which resources you need to enhance the robustness of your service.
  • Get valuable information on the capacity and availability of your service.
  • Optimise your investments in Spatial Data Infrastructure.
  • Forecast trends affecting your service environment.
  • Use comprehensive automated reporting for error alerts and to perform stress tests.
Spatineo Monitor is designed to give a comprehensive evaluation of their spatial web services.

Start Free 7-day Trial

Spatineo Monitor is an invaluable tool for developing your spatial web services and getting the whole value out of them. We offer a free 7-day trial with full features to get to know the product and its benefits.

Spatineo Monitor is easy to implement and use.

Spatineo Monitor Is Easy to Implement and Use

  • A simple-to-use SaaS interface.
  • No installation or server costs.
  • Analytics and reporting enable information-based management.
  • Possibility to verify the quality and capacity of your service before release.

Ensure Accessibility to Guarantee Your Reliability

The reliability, performance, and quality of your services and thus the constant accessibility of your data are the most important indicators of your reliability to the stakeholders and users. Spatineo Monitor features automated quality and usage analytics reports that provide you with concise, good quality information for making data-driven decisions and enable you to prove the value of your spatial web services.

Spatineo Monitor features automated quality and usage analytics reports.

Compatibility with Industry Standards

Spatineo Monitor is compatible with most-used industry standards, such as WMS, WMTS, WFS, ESRI MapServer REST and INSPIRE ATOM.

Spatineo Performance for Even Deeper Insights

Spatineo Performance is an additional module for Spatineo Monitor with which you can measure the maximum capacity of your spatial web service and identify the bottlenecks that prevent your service from reaching higher capacity levels.

“Besides being easy to use, Spatineo Monitor has proved to be powerful. We get a comprehensive view of all the spatial web services we are providing, and if problems arise we can allocate our resources to the maximum in fixing them.”

– Henri Jutila, Senior Adviser, Geographic Information, Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council

Frequently Asked on Spatineo Monitor

Q: Does extensive monitoring save money?

Downtime of services is costly in many ways and should always be avoided if possible. With Spatineo Monitor, you get immediately alerted of any matters before users notice them. Assuring the quality of the infrastructure, spotting misconfigurations, and improving the SDI even further also add value, as does usage analytics that reveals for example which data sets are the most popular ones.

Q: Is Spatineo Monitor worth it if you only have a few services?

If you have only one spatial web service, but it is critical for the internal processes of your organisation, for external users, or both, then it is definitely valuable to monitor that service. 

Q: Can my organisation afford Spatineo Monitor?

Our pricing model is based on the scope and the size of the organisation, and there are three levels: national/large, regional/medium, and local/small. Once the level is defined, annual prices are not affected by the number of services you add to your SDI or the number of users in the account.

Q: How easy is it to adapt monitoring to my spatial web services?

Spatineo Monitor is a low threshold activity and extremely easy to adapt into your spatial web services since it is completely cloud-based. The product doesn’t require any on-premises installation and you can start full features monitoring just by getting a list of the service URLs and adding them to Spatineo Monitor.

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