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Even GeoJSON is better in 3D

JSON encoding of geometries are becoming internationally standardised as OGC Features and Geometries JSON or JSON-FG for short.

Who are we? – Suvi-Tuulia “Suffa” Haakana

Suvi-Tuulia, also known as Suffa, is our latest team member, and her expertice is focused on GIS and especially ESRI ...

Spatineo recognized as one of Global Top 100 Geospatial Companies

Spatineo has been selected as one of the Global Top 100 Geospatial Companies of 2023. Read more about us and ...

What Is Geospatial Intelligence?

In this guide, we explore more about geospatial intelligence, what it is, use cases, and examples, so keep reading to ...

How to Make Data Flow in the Cloud

If you only knew what your geospatial data would be capable of achieving in the cloud. If you want to ...

Who are we? – Tiina Le

Tina Le is Spatineo's HR Specialist, and her work involves making Spatineo a great place to work! Read more about ...

Investigation of the Manhattanhenge Phenomenon in Helsinki using OpenStreetMap Data

Ilkka Kortelainen is a promising star in his career as a geoinformatics student at Aalto University. He worked the summer ...

How to make services more efficient with digital solutions and save time and money? Case: NLS Property Transaction Service

In digital services of Finnish National Land Survey, the key is to create efficient services that save time and money ...

Who are we? – Ilkka Rinne

Ilkka Rinne is a longstanding GIS & Data guru, and he has seen almost everything when comes to IT and ...

Spatineo opens a new office in Tampere

We want to be where our customers are, so from now onwards you can find us also from downtown Tampere!

Better Capabilities for Business Development with Two New Experts

We aim to understand our customers better, and our two new experts will help us to achieve that! Meet Jyrki ...

Who are we? – Gerald “Junnu” Lee

Who is Gerald Lee and what technologies are his specialty at Spatineo?

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