Log File Quick Test

Quickly test if your log file format is automatically recognized

This tool is intended for our customers for quickly checking if a log file can be automatically used for providing usage analytics data to Spatineo Monitor. It will send a small sample of the provided file to us for automatic inspection.

If the test succeeds, the format is usable without any further configuration from our side. If the test fails, you may have a chosen a wrong file. If you know your log files are using a special log row pattern, please contact us to set up your specific settings.

Information about choosing the right log files can be found in our Spatineo Monitor Analytics Quick Start Guide. Please contact if you have any questions or need further information.

Note: This tool is for your own testing only. Any files sent though this tool will be immediately discarded.

Choose a log file to test

The log file can be either plain text or a gzipped

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